Pangulong Diyakono sa Germany… nagsalita na!


From Bro Jorg Ney, 2nd Head Deacon in the locale of Germany-

“…..I declare that I cannot, anymore, be in unity with you because of all the harassment you’re doing to us, because of the evil and the sorrows inside the church. We cannot stand anymore the human rights violations against the family of Bro. Erano Manalo…- by building up high walls made of steel, by cutting electricity, water and food supply, by pumping back the septic sewage, & by trying to harm them. Is this the Christian attitude and does this glorify God?

We cannot take the spying on the brethren, the character assassination to those who stand for the truth, and the harassment…

We cannot take that almost 400 properties of the church are being put on mortgage for the multi-billion loans which has been done by this present church administration…….

….We cannot take new teachings which are not based on God’s will- are slowly being implemented in the church..

……the ongoing unjust, harshly and brutal expulsions of the many brethren all over the world.

……that the form of pure and holy church of Christ became a platform for profit oriented businesses… “


And more so go ahead and watch!


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