Bro. Rolando Dizon: I owe it to you – to tell you the truth!



Kudos kay Ka Dizon sa pagsasalita tungkol sa mga gawaing “hindi maka-Diyos” na IPINAGAGAWA NI EVM AT NG EVM SENIOR CITIZEN ADVISOR CLUB OF CENTRAL sa mga ministro ngayon!!

“1) they want me to use my facebook account and post on my facebook pages and other social media outlets- messages, memes, articles that do nothing that demean the lives of people. MANY OF THOSE ARTICLES ARE FALSE. Many of those articles target the family of our late Bro. Erano Manalo….

I’m proud to say that ever since the instructions came out  up until this very day, I have not posted anything negative concerning the family of Bro. Erano G. Manalo….

2) These leaders also want me to use the worship service as a platform – to character assassinate, to spread malicious lies, and to spread propaganda that I do not want to do. Because for me the worship service is a holy occasion….

3) They want me to hate and to curse Jun Samson and when I refused to do that they threw a big fit. I cannot curse him, I cannot hate him….”


Gising mga kapatid!!!!






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