Menorca case: Objection muna, bago cross-examination???!!!

-LAWYERS of Iglesia ni Cristo asked CA not to admit the testimony Menorca II as evidence.

– strike Mr. Menorca’s direct testimony for not complying with court rules.

-Menorca lawyer G. Ahmed G. Paglinawan said objections should made after a witness’ cross-examination, not before.

-Paglinawan told the court INC move was an attempt to censor the minister’s statements

-Prodigalidad denied this


-Menorca “ramble on” in his 52-page judicial affidavit, instead of being asked questions answerable with specific replies.

-Only one question was asked — ‘What happened next?  “It doesn’t seem like a judicial affidavit. [It was] more like a scripted melodramatic soap opera”

– Affidavit was full of speculation and conclusions that should be stricken out — a total of 117 objections to be manifested all in all.

-INC camp maintained they would not cross-examine Mr. Menorca without the court ruling on their 117 objections.

-“The moment we cross-examine on an inadmissible evidence, all these [objections] would be deemed waived.”

-The hearing will resume on Jan. 20


Gising mga kapatid!!!!



One thought on “Menorca case: Objection muna, bago cross-examination???!!!”

  1. Tandaan ninyo may Dios na hahatol sa huli. O.J Simpson’ cased. Naipanalo nga siya ng mga lawyers niya, pero after , namatay ang 2 lawyers niya sa cancer. Ended up talo si OJ sa civil case
    Ayon kalaboso siya Sa Florida Jail. Hindi kayo makakalusot sa Dios. Kaya yang mga objections tigilan ninyo na. Tapusin na ang dapat tapusin, no matter what, hindi kayo lulusot sa Dios.


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