INC nakipag-areglo sa… Gobyerno???!!!



Kaya sige lang Atty Trixie at Atty Ahmed!!





Dear President Aquino and Sec. Mar Roxas:


 The members of the INC who participated in the rally are now going home. Their leaders have cited an “agreement” with government. What is the nature of this agreement? What are its conditions and terms? It is our client who had unintentionally set off these events by filing his case, yet somehow we have not been included in this so-called agreement. Assuming of course there is one.


Yet it is not accidental that the leaders (who are also respondents in Isaias Samson, Jr.’s case for illegal detention) have been very vocal about this so-called agreement. The idea is to make the public feel that they had flexed their muscle and the government has responded in a manner favorable to them. The idea is to make us feel that in relation to whatever it is they were rallying for (or against), the government has capitulated. And sadly that capitulation may involve trampling on the rights of our client.


There are two things you need to do, sirs, speaking as part of the body you call your bosses. First is to be transparent with your agreement. Tell us whether or not you’ve sold our client down the river or tell us if you haven’t. But you need to disclose this to us. A criminal case is not a political pawn. The law provides that it cannot be compromised. The president can grant pardons and issue clemency and amnesty. But you do NOT have the power to refuse prosecution.


Second, you must guarantee our client a fair hearing at preliminary investigation. The fear now is that given the so-called agreement, a finding of “no probable cause” to make this nightmare go away for the INC’s Sanggunian is a very real possibility. And your silence is not helping.


Finally, you would not have raised so many doubts had you been transparent with these proceedings, had you included our client. Whether you stood up to defend him, or sold him out, he had and has the right to know. Instead, you conducted it in secret, and now you have made your ability to deliver justice subject to a very real, very reasonable suspicion.




 Counsels for Isaias Samson,Jr.


Gising mga kapatid!!!


3 thoughts on “INC nakipag-areglo sa… Gobyerno???!!!”

  1. “Birds of a feather flock together” ganyan sila. Maghintay lang tayo sa sagot ng Dios sa kanila. Malapit na ang sumpa ng Dios sa kanila.


  2. Wala ng matino kahit si Pnoy na Presidente corrupt narin ang UTAK, nababayaran ni EVM at Jun Santos. Masama na ang dating ng Govierno sa Pilipinas. Tamaan sana ng Kidlat pati itong si Pnoy na presidente. Sino kaya ang maaring tumayo na presidente na di masusuhulan ni EVM. Si EVM ay sa DIMONIO AT SATANAS. Lahat ng tatangkilik sa kanya ay Dimonio narin at Satanas.

    Sana may tumayong Senador ng Pilipinas na gagawin batas ang Individual Voting Rights na kung saan nakasaad doon na walang religion o anupaman organization na magdidikta sa isang Votante kung sino ang iboboto niya.
    Marapat lang at dapat ng ITIGIL ng INC ang pagdidikta sa mga members nila kung sino ang dapat iboto.
    Ang bawat tao ay may kana kanyang isipan at right na mamili ng gusto niyang iboto. Bahagi ito ng Human rights.

    Malapit ng matapos ang MASAMANG PAGNANAKAW AT MGA KASAMAAN NI EVM. Malapit na siyang sungin ng Langit. Malapit ng dumating sa buhay niya ang DIVINE JUSTICE. Isang parusa sa isang magnanakaw na leader na katulad ni EVM at Jun Santos. Tamaan sana sila ng Kulog at Kidlat.


  3. Mga kapatid ko sa Iglesia, ito ang latest news mula sa America. Sobra na po ang PAGNANAKAW NA GINAGAWA NI EVM AT JUN SANTOS. Sana po gising na kayo, tama na po ang tulog at magkaisa po tayo na labanan ang kasamaan nangyayari sa Loob ng INC, dahil po sa masamang leader natin an si EVM po at sa tulong po ni Jun Santos na isa po sa Dummy ni EVM. Si Ka Jun Santos po ang tiga kolekta ng perang Cash tuwing matatapos po ang pagsamba sa bawat lokal sa America po. Ito po ang mga sumbong sa kanila.

    American former minister reports alleged tax fraud to IRS

    LOS ANGELES—A former Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) minister has reported the sect, its executive minister Eduardo Manalo and auditor Glicerio Santos Jr. to the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax fraud.
    American Vincent Florida, a 65-year-old former minister in the INC Northern Virginia congregation, told the Inquirer he filed his report, in IRS form 3949A, for failure to pay taxes in August this year. As of press time, the IRS has not yet opened an investigation.
    IRS form 3949A is used for reporting suspected tax fraud, including false exemptions or deductions, kickbacks, false or altered document, failure to pay tax, unreported income and organized crime.

    Florida left INC on July 30 following allegations of corruption in the sect and abduction of ministers critical of the INC leadership.
    Florida claimed that only checks received as offerings from members during biweekly worship services were deposited in the bank.
    He said the congregations were asked to convert cash collection into $100 bills and turn over the money to district auditors.

    Remitted 4 times a year
    The district auditors remitted the cash to Santos during pastoral visits, he added.
    “Cash was being skimmed off without record keeping,” Florida said. “They’re forcing good people to do bad things.”
    He said the Mid-Atlantic district alone, which included his former congregation, turned over about $150,000 in cash to Santos four times a year for the past six years.
    “The cash just disappeared,” Florida said. “Mid-Atlantic is the smallest in INC’s eight districts. Can you just imagine? We’re talking millions of dollars from the congregations, with no paper trail. They’re circumventing the tax laws of the United States.”
    In Manila, INC spokesperson Edwil Zabala on Saturday said the INC leadership would respond to Florida’s allegations “in due time and in the proper forum.”

    “As of this moment, we have not received a copy of the supposed complaint. We do not wish to speculate either on its content or the motive behind it,” Zabala said.
    “United in our faith in the Almighty and in the fairness of the justice system, we assure the public that we will cooperate with the proper authorities. We are one with you in the desire for truth,” he said.
    “We call on our brethren to continue praying for the enlightenment of nonmembers who wish to create division within the church. We likewise appeal to the public for restraint and circumspection,” he said.

    “Lastly, we urge everyone to resist the temptation for speculation, as it will serve no higher purpose than fuel hatred and division,” he said.
    Private plane
    Florida alleged that Manalo, Santos and other INC leaders managed to stay under the radar for years because they carried the cash on a private plane that they used for their regular pastoral visits to the United States.
    “They didn’t have to go through the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and customs,” he said.
    Florida said he also received information that the plane, an Airbus, had taken the INC leaders to the Cayman Islands and Switzerland.

    “I cannot attest to that, but that’s what I heard,” he said. “If the authorities want to investigate, there’s a way to check the (airplane’s) destinations.”
    Florida, a former Catholic, was recruited into the sect by a coworker in New York. He was baptized in 1978. He went to the Philippines to study INC doctrines from 1982 to 1987.
    “I joined INC because of the purity of the doctrines,” he said. “That’s why I feel so violated.”
    Offerings down 50%
    Florida claimed that many INC members feel the same way, which, according to him, explains the large decrease in offerings.
    He said that just before he left his congregation on July 30, the offerings had gone down by 50 percent.
    Members have also been joining protest rallies, he said.
    On Nov. 22, scores of former and current INC members, many of them masked, held coordinated rallies in front of the INC church in Historic Filipinotown in Los Angeles and in front of the INC main office in Burlingame in Northern California.
    The protest actions were held during the INC Sunday morning services. With a report from Tina G. Santos………

    Read more:


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