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August 3 2015 at 12:49 PM TambuliWest (Login TambuliWest)

Response to Our beloved executive ministress

baby lynn ventura manalo (BVM) was a classmate of mine in high school class of 1979 (st augustine college-h.s. baliwag, bulacan, section A. ms. sesbrenio-adviser). the image being portrayed of her today is consistent of how she was way back in the days and comes not as a big surprise to me and to anyone who knows her. classic baby lynn. unfortunately, she didn’t get to become the class valedictorian in high school (just 2nd honorable mention, not bad because she almost got an F in trigonometry (math is not one of her strengths) but just because shes good at everything else not involving mathematics, our math teacher was persuaded by school management to give baby lynn not just a passing grade but high enough to put her as second honorable mention just because the rightful 2nd hon mention student was kind enough to give way but the 1st hon mention student threatened to publicly protest if the 1st hon mention spot is awarded to babylynn. so she never got the chance to deliver her well-prepared valedictory address which i consider one of her biggest disappointments which eventually helped to shape her outlook and ambitions going forward and with the INC turmoil serves as the backdrop, her past disappointments are now coming into play. she’s used to the behind the scene maneuverings and has mastered that craft over the years. anyone who knows baby lynn knows for a fact that her initial interactions with EVM did not happen by accident but rather, a well-orchestrated ones and the rest is history. so for those wondering why she has the nerve to get involved in church’s inner operations, babylynn ventura is not the type who will just stay at home bake cookies for the cws kids and plan an afternoon tea to meet with fellow wives of other ministers, she’s the hillary rodham clinton of INC. just because EGM badly castigated her for organizing a rogue group of ministerial students NewGen which her husband EVM fully embraced and incorporated into the STF won’t stop her from pursuing her grander plans whatever they maybe until those plans are fulfilled to the fullest. please remember, it;s that valedictorian disappointment that made her who she is today. the fact that she particularly chose the former office suite of the late EGM, that in itself speaks volumes. time will tell if she will become hillary clinton or evita peron (…don’t cry for me *************, the truth is i never left you, all through my wild days, my mad existence, i kept my promise, don’t keep your distance


3 thoughts on “JEZEBEL: FRUSTRATED VALEDICTORIAN noong High School… KAYA….”

  1. Privilege? Amazing that she had that clout in a Catholic school (which will be tough on non-RCs for the usual reasons).

    Ah, what an interestingly textured portrait we now have of Madame. She can rival Imeldific, after all.


  2. Adan and Eve, Solomon and Sheeba, Julius Ceasar and Cleopatra, Juan Peron and Evita, Marcos and Imelda; all of these pairs remind us how a woman can cause the downfall of even the mightiest conqueror and ruler; and Babylynn and Eduardo are no exception. Poor INC, entrusted to the hands of a man who lack the backbone and guts to withstand the cunning wickedness of his insatiable wife.


  3. Valedictorian-1st Honor.
    Salutatorian-2nd Honor
    3rd Honor (meron po nito pag di inimplement ang Vale at Salu)
    Then sunod na po ang mga:
    1st Honorable Mention
    2nd Honorable
    3rd Honorable
    Ngayon kung si ka Babylyn ay 2nd Honorable Mention lang, malayong malayo po talaga na magtatalumpati.


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