Promoter ni Chris Brown… Ilalantad ang mga corrupt!

“…..The law firm said it would file a request for Villalobos to be inhibited from handling the immigration proceedings against their client.

In due time, he (Pio Roda) will execute and sign the appropriate legal document that will detail the true facts, bely the lies made public by the representatives of this INC company, and expose the contractual bad faith and possible corruption activities of certain members of this religious sect,” the statement read.

Noting that Pio Roda would “strongly and forcefully defend his innocence,” the firm denied that he received $1 million from any INC company……”


One thought on “Promoter ni Chris Brown… Ilalantad ang mga corrupt!”

  1. The only solution and option will be painful but that’s the only hope we have. That God will SOON replace brother Eduardo Manalo with a new leader. The present leader is a very corrupt and dangerous one, even more worst than Hitler. Hitler actually kills thousands if not millions but he only kills ones physical nature. What worst with EVM is that he kills ones souls, faiths and the most important things he kills is our right and privileges to remain members of the INC, which is our only wealth and hope to be save come judgement day.

    I pray and ask that the Lord God will place Angel Manalo as the new Executive Minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo. I know and believe it will come SOON.


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